Linguistics Research

(Under construction — arguably for the rest of his life)


As of 2024, Hassan Khan is currently an undergrad at the University of Toronto. Being an undergraduate, his interests continue to rapidly expand, but if he had to list a few topics of particular interest to him right now, he would probably point to cognitive linguistics (lowercase!), phonology and particularly signed language phonology, pragmatics, and the philosophy of language and of science.

Questions like Can phonological theory be derived from our rudimentary knowledge cognitive reality?, Can we probe language through non-linguistic domains, like gesture?, and Why has Hassan switched to third person for this page of his website in particular? are bugging him right now.


  1. Khan, Hassan & Yoonjung Kang. 2024. Testing the interaction of gendered sound symbolism and morphology in Urdu names. 10th Annual Scarborough Undergraduate Linguistics Conference. [Abstract (PDF)] [Slides (PDF)]
  2. Khan, Hassan & Yoonjung Kang. 2024. Sound-gender associations in Urdu names. Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics Conference 17. Poster presentation. [Abstract (PDF)] [Poster (PDF)]
  3. Khan, Hassan & Yoonjung Kang. 2024. Gendered sound symbolism in Urdu names interacts with gender morphology. Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research [WISSLR] 16. [Abstract (PDF)] [Slides (PDF)]