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On marriage and irony

“Footprints washed away in the sand / One day I’ll make my way back to Nova Scotia / #wanderlust” — Instagram story,

I think I would like to marry.

When I discuss the (increasingly not-so-)far future, I always speak in the conditional. “If” I have kids, “if” I get married, “if” I get a job in academia. Aside from the last one, this hedging doesn’t stem from any doubt that I’ll pull it off, nor any effort at… (See more)

On hobbies, economic disparity, and TDSB specialized program reform

“People who grew up with money will look you in the eyes and ask you something insane like ‘do you ski?’” — Michael Benjamin @mfbenji, Twitter

I went rock climbing for the first time in grade 12 after being pestered by my friend for months on end. The price tag was a bit daunting — $43 for a session including rental equipment — but I sucked it up because it seemed fun and I could afford it. It was great, even if I was not all that… (See more)

On New Year's Eve

New Year's resolution #1: Start writing for my blog.

New Year’s is one of my favourite social phenomena. As the clock strikes midnight, everyone races to wish each other a “Happy New Year!” over their preferred instant messaging platform. Some people only give well wishes after receiving one, while others start blasting out messages the instant the… (See more)